Apr 162014
NV Rancher:The rightwing media are the ones stirring the pot.

When it comes to the idiot Rancher Clive Bundy in NV and his standoff with the Feds, it’s the rightwing media doing the shit-stirring, especially Faux Noise and Company not to mention every other rightwing media outlet including those in print and radio. No one knows better than Media Matters who has spent a lot of time researching this thing. If anyone gets killed this time out, those are the people to blame this time around. Look squarely at Shawn Hannitys interview [continue reading]

Mar 252014
The war on womens rights lands at SCOTUS with a thud.

Screw Justice Kennedy and his Citizens United pov. That batshit sumbitch can kiss my ass. He has no business thinking he or any corporation has the right to tell any woman and her doctor how they treat their bodies when it comes to contraception. His line of questioning today showed his true colors on how he feels about the so-called rights of corporations. Why in the fuck should a corporation’s rights trump those of a women’s right of choosing her [continue reading]

Mar 232014
Good Riddance Fred Phelps. Hope you enjoy Hell.

For homophobes on your order, that is surely where you are sir. Your hatred was on par to be the worst ever witnessed. Your death was a welcome site for many of us that thought you truly disgusting. Since you professed to believe in a God, there is hope that your God sent you straight to Hell, not passing Go and certainly not collecting a measly dime whilst on your way there for all eternity you disgusting ball of hatemongering [continue reading]

Jan 302014
Ignorant Republicans..They are truly dumber than dirt.

I know I should be used to them, but I just can’t deal with them lately. I am not an Obama cheerleader, far from it. I rip him a new asshole every chance I get. But when the fuckwads in the GOP do incredibly stupid shit it drives me up a friggin wall. Like not showing the Office of President the respect it deserves. No matter what you think of the man, the office itself does require respect, its a [continue reading]

Jan 142014
If you don't think Chris Christie is dirty in Bridgegate.....

Read the NY Times writeup about how he, via his circle of thugs, protected a group of dirty law enforcement officials in NJ, and went on to fire the good guys that tried to take down the dirty cops. Christie’s dirty thugs are still fighting for their lives as Bennett A. Barlyn was dismissed as a Hunterdon County prosecutor and he isn’t going quietly. He filed a lawsuit and is still fighting Christie and his thugs against his illegal firing. I [continue reading]

Nov 202013
If you thought we were leaving Afghanistan next year, you couldn't be more wrong.

Thank you Obama, you will make Bush proud I am sure. The last forever war will go on forever it seems. Instead of ending in 2014, we now find out that we will have troops there till at least 2416 and beyond….thanks to an agreement Richard Engel got his hands on yesterday. To quote from the article linked above from MSNBC: While many Americans have been led to believe the war in Afghanistan will soon be over, a draft of [continue reading]

Nov 182013
10 years ago today....

MA allowed gays to marry. Since then, 15 other states have followed their lead. Lets raise a glass to MA shall we?  Because gay rights ARE civil rights. They are the civil rights of this generation. Not only are they civil rights, they are human rights. Those who are homophobic now are the same folks that lead the fight against inter-racial marriages. They are bigots and sickos.