Dec 102014
Medical students around the US hold Die-Ins today at 70 Universities.

Today, at least 70 University Medical Schools around our nation were hit with protests they called Die-Ins today over Eric Garner and Mike Browns deaths by Medical students. They were stunning examples of how our youth can still organize nationwide around issues that are important to them.This was so important it was posted in the Physicians For a National National Health Program Website. It was also sanctioned by most of the Deans of the Medical Schools. One that really grabbed [continue reading]

Dec 102014
$300 million and illegal to boot.....

As disgusting, immoral, illegal and barbaric as the CIA was, the bastards blew over $300 million of our friggin tax dollars to boot and we still aren’t going to charge any of these fucking criminals with anything. Fucking amazing. From the Vice News link above: The CIA had “more money than [it] could possibly spend” to fund its “enhanced interrogation” program, according to the 500-page declassified executive summary of the agency’s program released today by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Tens of [continue reading]

Jul 152014
Thanks to spammers, I have to add captcha....

Akismet is fucked up badly, it screwed up my website for the second time this morning when I updated the plugin, so I have to go with another spammer plugin that uses captcha. I know people hate captcha, I fucking hate it but I get a shitload of spammers on this site, so I have no other choice folks. Sorry for the inconvenience, I really am. Please bear with me as I try to find something to use to stop [continue reading]

May 302014
Sloan Gibson- are you shitting me?

The jerkwad now in charge of the VA, Sloan Gibson, is SO much better than Shinseki, after-all, he has 20 years experience.. in the fucking BANKING INDUSTRY. Someone give me a fucking shotgun please, this shit is ridiculous now.It’s almost comical if people’s lives weren’t at stake. The GOP, who have the memory of a fucking slug evidently, and will politicize anything including human lives, as this problem was decades in the making thanks to among other things, Bush and [continue reading]

May 282014
Maya Angelou leaves us at 86 years of age.

It’s a good age to live to, no doubt…but we are all the poorer for her leaving. She was a wonder, this woman, who went through so much but came out the other side stronger and so much wiser for it. She will be missed by millions world-wide, for her wisdom, her humor, her beliefs in equality and her decency among many other things. It’s hard for me to write this as I idolized her, especially now in my older [continue reading]

May 252014
The VA problems are decades in the making. Get off Shinseki's back.

The GOP itself has scuttled at least TWO major VA bills this congressional year. Those fuckers have the nerve to attempt to make this whole issue an Obama problem, when they fucking know it’s been a clusterfuck for decades just for starters. The Stars and Stripes writeup states Shinseki has faced plenty of firestorms in his life and come out on top. He was right on the Iraq War and Rumsfeld fired him for it. Rumsfeld couldn’t of been more [continue reading]

May 162014
We are more segregated now than we were 60 years ago folks.

Saturday is the 60th anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education. One would think we are better off than those days of old. But we ain’t folks….fuck no we ain’t…..far from it. As a good write-up at ProPublica tells us, segregation is worse now than it was then:In Tuscaloosa today, nearly one in three black students attends a school that looks as if Brown v. Board of Education never happened. Isn’t that just fucking peachy? Doesn’t it make you [continue reading]