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UPDATE: Livestream has live coverage here (opens in a new window), and  have it at the bottom of this post. I have taken to calling the Mainstream Media the Corporate Media. Been doing that for quite awhile now. So, this piece over at CommonDreams caught my eye tonight whilst m’dear friend John Myste and I were talking online via one of my posts and I was multi-tasking, aka, reading my news emails:

What if the Tea Party Occupied Wall Street?
Corporate media skip anti-corporate protests

In an action called Occupy Wall Street, thousands of activists took to the streets of Lower Manhattan on September 17.

The protests are continuing, with demonstrators camped out on the Financial District’s Liberty Street in support of U.S. democratization and against corporate domination of politics (Adbusters, 9/19/11).

But you wouldn’t know much about any of this from the corporate media–outlets that seem much more interested in protests of the Tea Party variety.

The anti-corporate protests have been lightly covered in the hometown New York Times: One piece (9/18/11) largely about how the police blocked access to Wall Street, and one photo (9/22/11) with the caption “Wall Street Protest Whirls On.”

I was on The Twitter, the night GA killed Troy Davis. Some of the media folks I follow were not always tweeting about the subject of Troy Davis, some brought up the Occupation of Wall Street, and since my heart was heavy with the thought that SCOTUS was taking too long to respond and he would most likely be put to death..aka..killed, I tried to busy myself by reading the tweets that went off topic and onto the Occupation, whilst I was watching Amy Goodman report live on Free Speech TV.

I won’t name any names here..why bother? Lets just say a few respected journalist-types jerked my chain with responses like: Only the liberal media is covering it, and my personal favorite..calling the protesters ‘hippies’ in a derogatory fashion that they later tried to say was merely snark.

Now, to address the ‘liberal media’ crack. I of course took umbrage at that remark as I feel it’s bullshit to label any type of true reporting or real journalistic endeavor in that manner. For me, it’s either the Corporate Media or the Alternative Media.

So, I corrected the Corporate Media journalist (works for the NYTimes) that used the phrase. He actually responded and a few other Tweeters got into the convo as well…some agreeing with me, others dismissing me. A good example of one of the folks agreeing with me stated the following in his tweet:

…..using that “liberal” label seems like a way of dismissing it.

I completely agreed with him, which is why I called the Corporate Media journalist out on it. A few folks tried to say the Corporate Media guy didn’t mean it in a derogatory fashion. The journalist himself replied with the following:

I need more than 140 characters.

Not wanting to get into a Twitter war..I actually hate those things..I let it drop. I know..weird eh? But I did. But it bugged the shit out of me. And I kept thinking about it for the next couple of days, because it is true...only the liberal media was/is reporting on the Occupation of Wall Street.

But I still refuse to label them that way however..for me, they are still the Alternative Media, because they are my alternative to Corporate/Mainstream Media. I get most of my ‘news’ from Alternative Media..or at least I get what I believe to be a truer, more complete perspective of events or issues from them.

So, who is reporting on the Occupation of Wall St besides the people themselves? Try DemocracyNow, CommonDreams, TheRealNewsNetwork, ReaderSupportedNews, The, HuffPo (on occasion) and on a NY local level, The Gothamist BoweryBoogie (great pictorial)plus others and of course a lot of blogs.. I just don’t feel like running down all of those right now…but I think you get my point. On the telly, KO is doing his part on reporting about it..kudos to my favorite tv talking head…but the bottom line is this:

The liberal wing of the Alternative Media are the ones giving me any 411 on this modern day sit-in and protest against the powerful. Back to the CommonDreams OpEd:

The media preference for Tea Party gatherings over progressive activism is well-documented. A September 2009 Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C., garnered far more coverage than a similar gay rights rally the following month (Extra!, 12/09). Thousands of activists at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit in June 2010 did not merit anywhere near the coverage accorded to 600 attendees at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville (Extra!, 9/10). The One Nation Working Together rally (10/2/10) brought thousands to Washington– but little media attention (FAIR Media Advisory, 10/6/10).

And even the size of a given Tea Party gathering does not seem to much matter. When about 200 Tea Partiers gathered in Washington earlier this year (FAIR Blog, 4/1/11), an account in Slate (3/31/11) noted, “There was at least one reporter for every three or four activists.”

The answer to the problem of non-coverage would seem to be simple: If the people occupying Wall Street want more media attention, they should just call themselves Tea Party activists.

The assholes at Yahoo have apparently been blocking emails that are being sent out about this Occupation of the world’s financial center.  Which brings to me a larger question:

Not only is the Corporate Media not reporting on this action..but the fuckers are actively ignoring it and/or trying to block/censure any info about it. Why the Hell is that? back is killing me, so I must close out this bitchfest..but I do hope folks will not blow off this people-powered action as just a bunch of hippies doing what they do best, and yet not really changing anything…because they are trying to make a difference..its the Corporate Media that doesn’t give a shit and if they do write about it..they slam it.

Below is a video of Day 5:

See for more video of what we are all missing in NYC. Damn I wish I could be there and yes, it brings back memories of ‘the old days’ when this type of action was the norm and the Mainstream Media actually covered it.

As far as the remark about ‘hippies’..fuck that writer/journalist/whatev. Whether it was snark or not, it was friggin rude as anyone that knows about hippie punching would certainly be more careful about the phrase they use,especially when their base of followers are leftwingers.

And Gwen has a great piece up about the Occupation of Wall St and ties it to the Day of Vengence, scheduled for today. You go Girl! 😉

Live coverage of the occupation via Livestream:

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at


I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

  13 Responses to “The Corporate Media blackout re: The Occupation of Wall St.”

  1. I agree of course with your use of terms. Whore media works well for me too. The bastards have been putting a negative connotation on that word for soooo long. It is just the way you describe it and the bad part is there will be no changing it.

    The sites you list and many liberal bloggers are where the truth is. They knew and told all who listened or read that Iraq was a lie well before the invasion and nobody fucking even cared when these treasonous killers were outed with the Downing Street Memo two years later.

    The Ceo’s of Big Whore Corporate Media need to swing with the bush gang as well.

    And the sheep bleat for more reality – their kind of reality.

  2. The sad thing is, I think many if not most of our Dems are happy to have this ignored.

    They’d rather whore for money from the plutocrats than have lefties take action.

    Hence, my petition.

  3. These Wall Street protests have sure shown us the true colors of the “media” (as if we didn’t know already). The demonstrations themselves, and a lot of police brutality against the demonstrators, are being totally ignored by the corporate media.

    But let a few dozen teabaggers stand on a street corner, and the media is all over it. “It’s the voice of the people!” “The American public is rising in anger!”

    • There is a developing coalition of Alternative Media sites that are covering this constantly plus to his credit, Keith Olbermann is doing nightly pieces on his show about it, although I do consider Current part of the Corporate Media..albeit left of the center in it’s political stance..unlike MSNBC and the networks.

  4. Livestream has today’s events live here:

    Plus they have been running a live stream for the last eight days. 😉 Gotta love them!

  5. The cops are using the social media to their advantage……they are a head of the protesters and that is helping keep the news fairly quiet…..

    • The Corporate Media is quiet for one reason only…its serves their Master’s purpose. 😉 At least that is my pov on this issue of Corp Media being absent and awol.

  6. well it finally made it to the front page of the daily news here in new york if only for the police brutality and mass arrests. The irony is that yesterday’s covergirl/victim was holding a sign go support of police pensions. And they were called ”hippy, liberal, losers” by cops.

    • The irony is that yesterday’s covergirl/victim was holding a sign go support of police pensions. And they were called ”hippy, liberal, losers” by cops. Rich, disgusting irony indeed!

      Krissy, the NYPD commish is trying to say the video is being edited to show brutality that didn’t exist..they LIE! And we know they are lying.

      Stay Strong, hang in there and thank you for alll that you do..all of you! 😉

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