Feb 152012

The GOP's Clown of the Month

Rick Santorum is the ‘total’ package when it comes to extreme rightwing nuttery. He must of graduated at the top of his class at Nutter U, judging by all his comments this silly season on everything from blaming liberal women for all women wanting to work outside the home….to his most recent bs about contraception and the so-called attack on religious freedoms. His recent shit about everyone that isn’t an extreme nutter being nothing more than ‘elitist snobs’ really takes the friggin cake as it really takes an idiot to buy into his illogical crappola.

But his bs about being an’outsider’ is complete hogwash. This asshole is the guy that, while in office, loved the hell outta K St and all their smarmy lobbyists and worked damn friggin hard to protect them. A good piece up at CrooksandLiars, about The Young Turks and their truth-telling and sadly hilarious project about Ricky, tells us alot about this bag o’ homophobic and misogynistic shit: TYT: The Santorum Project:

Diane already posted Rick Santorum’s bizarre rally in Tacoma here — Protesters at Santorum Rally Tased, Taunted, and Dragged Away:

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur decided to have a bit of fun with the creepy footage by combining it with some of the Blair Witch Project.

But first he reminded everyone that Rick Santorum is not just your average, everyday working class guy he’s been trying to portray himself as. He ran the K Street Project for the Senate. Here’s more from Salon Cenk quoted on that — Santorum’s well-compensated love of fracking:

As the Center for Responsive Politics reports, Santorum is one of the top U.S. Senate recipients of campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry — and what makes those numbers so stunningly outsized is the fact that he remains one of the top Senate recipients even though the last time he ran for Senate was in 2006. Put another way, this is not a run-of-the-mill legislator who happened to get a few afterthought contributions from the industry; this is a guy who was such a sycophantic apostle of the industry that he received enough oil and gas money to keep him on the top-recipient list a full six years after he was voted out of office — that is, a full six years after he raised a single dollar for a Senate campaign. In baseball terms, it’s the equivalent of Hank Aaron racking up so many home runs that he was able to hold the record well after he retired — only with Santorum, it’s not home runs, it’s oil and gas cash.

He’s another 99 percenter like the rest of them, bought and paid for by the oil and natural gas industries.

I think one of the reasons he tries to keep all his discussions and attacks on moral issues is to hide his massive connections to K St, the lobbyists and of course The Wealth Defense Industry. The video included in the C&L piece below:

Mr. Frothy keeps trying to make morality The Issue of this silly season. Only the small, insignificant extremist base of the GOP cares enough about this shit to make it their prime reason to go to the polls. Seriously…who gives a rats ass when everything around us is going to hell in the proverbial handbasket and people are holding on to their lives, homes and meager, slashed-to-the-bone lifestyles by their fucking fingernails at this point.

The tv pundits call him…gag..Genuine, a true “Authentic“. Please, you mutha fuckas, give me an effin break. There is NOTHING authentic about this bag of sheep shit who does nothing but attack everyone that isn’t as far right as he is…and he is about as far right as they come on every issue, especially moral ones that should have nothing to do with legislation on any level – local, state or federal.

Mr. Frothy takes moral issues and turns them into political ones.. Ala the Rove playbook (remember him?), that didn’t work for anyone but Bush43 during his first run at the Presidency. People with an ounce of intelligence, now get pissed when the government shoves their fucking noses into their bedroom and their rights that belong there and in their personal lives.

That he is playing to The Most Extreme of the GOP shows how desperate he is I believe. Those are the folks that get worked into a frenzy on shit that should never be legislated in the first place. You can always count on those dipshits to get all hyped up and foaming at the mouth when it comes to morality issues and legislating them into everyone’s lives, regardless of personal beliefs.

It just shows how the rightwing extremists love the shit out of small government..until it comes to morality..then all bets are off apparently  for those idiots as they really believe its the job of the federal government to monitor and control our personal and moral beliefs based on bible-thumping horseshit…regardless of the cost…which would be huge btw. Personal, social and private issues  and rights belong to the individual…not to the government.

But try telling that to the millions of minions just loving the shit outta ole Ricky this month..our flava of the month it appears..and will hopefully disappear just as quickly as his numbers rose in the past few weeks.

Damn, its almost pathetic how badly these extremists want an asshole extraordinaire like Santorum to run the show…it really is sad. Where is their compassion for their brethren that are suffering at the hands of the greedy bastards on Wall St..or the folks who can’t drink from their own wells or got very sick all over our nation because of the fracking being used to suck the last dirty, disgusting ounce of oil out of the earth’s innards?

Where the fuck is their compassion for those people?  Is it on hiatus,,or is it just once again..a look at their hypocritical asses at work.


I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

  10 Responses to “Some facts on the frothy man and his connections to K St and their lobbyists.”

  1. He is still not showing his tax returns.
    When asked, all he says is that they will be coming out “soon”.
    I bet when they do come out they will not go past 1-2 years.
    Wonder who paid him to peddle what ever influence he had in the last few years.

    • Wouldn’t it be rich if he actually won the GOP prize to run as their candidate RJ? Gawd, it would be a comedians wet dream.

      Glad to see you back online m’dear friend. Hope all is well w/your sickly computer.

  2. He’s the Eric Cantor of gooper preznit candidates.

  3. “Don’t you see how they see you? How they look down their nose at the average Americans. These elite snobs!”

    Durn tootin’, dumbasses!

    Oh, and you must see Rick’s new ad– the jokes write themselves.

    • Oh darlin, I saw it and damn near peed myself laughing so hard as I couldn’t believe it!

      These fucknuts have NO CLUE because all major polls show even the majority of R voters do NOT support the GOP stance on all the important issues of our time….how friggin pathetic is that?

  4. This guy sounds like he still lives in Victorian England!

  5. I wouldn’t put too much stock in Commander Frothy’s rise as being a pro-Sanatorium vote. As always with Santorum, its a mix of anal lube and fecal matter.

    A lot of it is the result of the Anybody but Mitt majority. They were starting to congeal around Newt. But after a deluge of negative ads, they have (temporarily I think) swung to Commander Frothy.

    But if Newt were to aim his sights on Frothy and spread some Santorum all over him, the Non-Romney crowd would move back to Newt. Frothy only comes across as “strong” on “moral issues” and, even though he says the right things, is weak on everything else. Newt can look strong to Republicans everywhere, except maybe his own personal “moral issues”.

    If Newt can expose Frothy for spouting lines from his lubricated orifice that really are just the equivalent of fake Republican orgasms (That will make them cum, right?) and not heart felt, or backed up with some intellectual muscle, then Newt becomes the “Top” again.

    But I hate the guy. He’s almost bad enough to make me cheer for Newt.

  6. Real good show this Friday, Dusty.

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