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I am glad the US Justice Dept is investigating the murder of Trayvon Martin. But legal scholars and the Justice Dept’s own lawyers are saying that proving this was a hate crime will be tough if not impossible, even though we know it was a hate crime, based on the murderer’s own 911 call and what he said to the dispatcher. From the WaPo link:

Lawyers at the department said Tuesday that while the investigation into the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin would go forward, it would be difficult to prosecute the case under federal law. Civil rights law protects against “hate crimes” or actions by police officers, but Martin’s shooting may not have either of those elements, two officials said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because the probe is still under federal review.

It makes me cry that we still have to worry about children of color being killed in cold blood in this day and age. Sure, I am a minority myself, and my son, now an adult, is half hispanic. But I never worried about him being killed in the manner Trayvon Martin was killed because he didn’t look like a minority when he was young. I am quite thankful for that in retrospect.

Will there be justice for Trayvon’s murder? It’s looking bleak at this point, and the laws in red states like FL that allow this type of killing, under the cover of ‘stand your ground‘ are really nothing more than the legalized murder of innocent people of color.

We can thank the NRA and ALEC for those laws. And Trayvon’s blood is on their collective hands as well.

Ironically, the author of FL’s ‘stand your ground’ law former Sen. Durell Peaden, thinks George Zimmerman should be arrested for Trayvon’s murder. From the CBSNews link:

The authors of Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” self-defense law say George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for shooting Trayvon Martin, reports the Miami Herald.

“He has no protection under my law,” former Sen. Durell Peaden told the newspaper.

Florida’s law,  called “stand your ground” by supporters and “shoot first” by critics, was passed in 2005 and permits residents to use deadly force if they “reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.”

Traditionally, self-defense laws did not typically extend beyond a person’s home, but the Florida law, and at least 20 more passed across the country since them, allows a resident to “meet force with force” almost anywhere, including the street or a bar.

Justice for Trayvon would be justice for all minorities. But will it happen?

Don’t hold your breath m’dear reader. You will probably turn blue and die..and that’s this day and age..its fucking pathetic.

The Bigots and Racists are winning folks… and we all, regardless of color, should be afraid.

Lawrence O’Donnell on the background of these heinous laws that legalize killing people below:


I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

  20 Responses to “Author of FL’s Stand Your Ground law: George Zimmerman should be arrested.”

  1. We can thank the NRA and ALEC for those laws. And Trayvon’s blood is on their collective hands as well.

    Not to mention Jeb Bush’s, who signed it into law.

    • Oh yeah, and the guy that authored the bill has the kids blood on his hands as well. I hope that fucker sees that kid every time he closes his eyes to go to sleep at night. Ironically, the bills author is also a lawyer so he knew damn well what a can of worms he was opening up when he created that worthless fucking bill.

      • So you trust the “nice police” to protect you? Or should we let real hoodlums kill and rape women and families? Minorities and STRONG EMPOWERED WOMEN should be the first ones screaming for the right to defend themselves! Travon’s blood is on Zimmerman, and the Sanford police are guilty of dereliction of duty for not arresting him for being the aggressor! No one has gotten off scott free yet, so stop ranting about a law that women and minorities in neighborhoods from hell should embrace!

        • Look, you have your opinion on this bullshit law and I have mine. Evidently you do not believe the legal scholars who have weighed in on these laws and find them too vague and worthless when it comes to protecting yourself. You are fearmongering and that is exactly what the GOP, the NRA and ALEC want from you…fear so that you believe they are good laws..which they aren’t.

          If they are so damm good, why is the original bill’s author now wanting to amend it? Answer that one for me ok?

          • Yes, amend it so it is clear that PPL who act as aggressors will NOT be protected under the law. Zimmerman was the Aggressor

    • That’s a lot of nonsense! It’s the police who are at fault, not the well written law. Zimmerman was the AGGRESSOR and should have been arrested at once. It is clear he went looking for trouble and “Stand Your Ground” law does NOT protect him. As a minority woman I want the ability to defend myself against the man with the gun or knife. COME ON fellow minorities – do you ACTUALLY trust the police to protect you? Do you think the REAL bangers should be allowed to kill our own PPL? Stand you ground protects you too!

      • Harriet, I responded to you below regarding these types of laws. Yes, Zimmerman was the aggressor, but this vague law allows him to pull the shit he did, which is why the cops allowed him to go free after it was obvious he abused the laws intent.

        I am a minority too. But these laws do not protect you, they do quite the opposite in most states where they are in force..which also happen to be red states led by the GOP faithful.

        • If I am attacked by a rapist and defend myself I should not be prosecuted or arrested if I am in the right. I am not worried about a white guy gunning me down b/c I am a minority in the wrong neighborhood under stand your ground law. If I ever have to act lawfully in self defense AND the law is not applied the same for me I will be the first one at the civil rights commission crying foul. Do you see the value in adding the addendum drafted by another poster? That would clear up the issue and define it. If we don;t discuss it and submit it to legislators it will not be corrected.

  2. Are all Blacks criminals and hoodlums? Absolutely NOT! Are all gun owners irresponsible racists ready to gun down a minority? Absolutely NOT! There is noting wrong with “Stand Your Ground” law. It states you cannot be the aggressor or be acting in a criminal way. Zimmerman was the aggressor and was TOLD by the 911 operator to stay away. He was NOT protected by the “Stand Your Ground” law. Here is MY opinion… The police who want no one to be able to protect themselves and want to hold the ultimate power do not like laws that empower LAW ABIDING citizens. I think there is an unwritten rule that they will not arrest or prosecute a clear cut case like the slaying of Trevon so there will be so much outrage and “Stand Your Ground” will be struck down once again empowering the police. Zimmerman is a killer and the police are guilty of walking away hoping it would implode. Zimmerman was not in danger since he followed Travon looking for trouble. “Stand Your Ground” does not apply to him and the police knew that! The law is supposed to protect PPL from prosecution who are say held up at gunpoint and cannot safely retreat. People should NOT have to retreat where they have a right to be when ACTUALLY threatened by someone with the intent and means (weapon). The law is clear you cannot be the aggressor!

    • Harriet, most legal scholar’s agree that ‘stand your ground’ laws are way too vague and invite exactly this type of vigilantism. So, no, the law is not clear.

      I own a handgun myself, and I have my entire adult life. But these laws that are intentionally vague will always allow assholes like Zimmerman to use them in ways they were never meant to be used.

      A good rule of thumb: If the NRA and ALEC want it..its a bad law..hands down.

      • I have a CCW in Indiana myself and agree there are PPL who should not own guns. Zimmerman had a protection from abuse order and under Florida law he should NEVER have had a CCW! I do not like most of what the NRA spews, don’t think we need offensive hi cap assault weapons. However defensive handguns that empower 120 Lb women to protect themselves from200 Lb male rapists are needed. So are CCW permits by responsible PPL who cannot wait 20 minutes after dialing 911. All of the men and women I shoot with agree it is better to avoid situations and right away a kook like Zimmerman brings out the calls to strike down “Stand your Ground”. I am level headed and I am glad it is law in my state. I don’t know what ALEC is, but the NRA like PeTA and many other orgs are extremists. We need to focus on who can buy guns, closing the gunshow loophole and stringent requirements to get CCW permits. Once someone passes a strict regimen there should be no restrictions on where one can carry (with a CCW). I live in Indy and you rink your life if you are unarmed here.

        • We need to focus on who can buy guns, closing the gunshow loophole and stringent requirements to get CCW permits. I agree with you on this point…but the NRA, ALEC and the GOP fight any attempts to close those loopholes.

          • I agree – My People (First People) were disarmed and slaughtered. NEVER again! We do need some common sense though to keep the Zimmermans from getting guns.

      • Perhaps this should be added to all states stand your ground laws, I found this on another site -makes sense:
        ADDENDUM: Force must be appropriate for the amount of force applied by the aggressor, specifically: if a gun or knife is used a similar weapon may be used to repel the attack. A gun, knife or other deadly weapon may never be used against a verbal threat of deadly force other than to display said defensive weapon and deter an aggressor threatening deadly force. Use of a deadly weapon is justified against and unarmed attacker when said attacker is repeatedly striking the head of the defensor or other person and disparity of size is so great that the defensor can articulate fear of death or serious bodily injury. Unprovoked mob attacks are also justification for applying deadly for by a defensor providing the defensor is not involved in the melee and has no other means of escape to prevent death or injury. At no time may the defensor act initially as the aggressor, and the defensor must make an attempt to walk away from unarmed simple verbal aggression prior to applying deadly force outside the home or business.

        • Harriet, here is a well-known legal scholar on these laws and how fucked up they are:

          Turley is a good read on legal issues and I like to point people to his blog on anything legal. I hope you read his various articles on these vague laws and why they are worthless. If you do, please let me know ok? 😉 I think you are under a false assumption that these laws are needed to protect yourself, when in fact they are not, as Turley aptly points out.

          • I will read Turley’s blog. All I care about it that they are written to prevent PPL like Zimmerman from having loop holes, while protecting law abiding PPL like myself and the millions of other Americans who use guns lawfully as a deterrent to violent criminal attack. No woman who is attacked and properly uses defensive force should have to be a victim a second time at the hands of the criminal justice system. Procedurally in some state if a woman is raped and shoots her rapist she will be arrested and charged and have to prove her innocence. The law abiding woman (or man) should be innocent until proven guilty. Zimmerman is guilty and that will prove out soon. This is why I would NEVER live in states like CA, NY, NJ, MA, IL … Self defence is a crime there and the extreme of the left is as bad as that of the right! Carry on and avoid situations so you will not be in such a position!

            • Harriet, you keep babbling on about states that prosecute women for protecting themselves from rapists and other violent acts.

              Why don’t you give me an example or give it a rest as I am not aware of any state laws that would prosecute a female for protecting herself from an attacker.

  3. I don’t have a specific case, but in NY, NJ and MA for example it is procedure to arrest and charge someone who has used lawful self defense and then you have to prove you were in the right! Check this out:

    • That is a 2005 writeup that has no bearing on what you keep saying here. It’s a SCOTUS ruling by the Bush-stacked court about a case involving a husband and a protective order against him and the police response to a 911 call.

      Your fearmongering here is done Harriet. You can not give me any state laws or incidents for that matter, that show a woman would be prosecuted for defending herself against a violent act.

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