Aug 152012

Even with all the flawed fuckery the state used to prove their case, PA Commenwealth judge Robert Simpson went ahead and allowed their partisan law, designed to keep Democrats home on voting day, to stand.

WTF? The state couldn’t even prove their case that there is ANYONE voting that doesn’t have the right to. Yet, this fucknut judge went ahead and ruled for the GOP-written law. The ACLU proved their case, but for naught evidently.

The ACLU argued that the law would disfranchise more than a million Pennsylvania voters – specifically black, Latino and elderly voters. Mostly voters who live in the urban areas and specifically elder and urban voters who no longer drive and have no reason to have a valid drivers license.

The ACLU had witnesses that took the stand and told the judge how this law will disenfranchise them from one of America’s biggest rights..the right to vote for whom you want to represent you. See her in the video below:

The idiot judge actually said in his ruling via The Nations writeup, the ruling which can be read here, the following:

Simpson sided with the state on a challenge brought by the ACLU and the Advancement Project. He acknowledged “‘petitioners’ counsel did an excellent job of ‘putting a face’ to those burdened by the voter ID requirement,” but concluded “petitioners did not establish, however, that disenfranchisement was immediate or inevitable.” On the contrary, Simpson asserted the law’s “provisions are neutral and nondiscriminatory and apply uniformly to all voters,” and that he “was convinced that [the law] will be implemented by commonwealth agencies in a non-partisan, even-handed manner.

Instead of forcing the state to prove that the voter ID law was necessary, Simpson put the burden of proof on the plaintiffs’ to show that the law violated the state constitution, which he said they failed to do. “Any party challenging a legislative enactment has a heavy burden, and legislation will not be invalidated unless it clearly, patently and plainly violated the constitution of this commonwealth,” he wrote. “Any doubts are to be resolved in favor of a finding of constitutionality.”

Did I mention this fuckwit of a judge is a proud member of the GOP?

One fact that should be noted..more voters are now disenfranchised in PA than Obama needs to carry the state, which he did thanks to the urban areas all being blue in 2008. All the redneck fuckers in the other parts of the state consistently vote GOP.

To put it simply…Obama is fucked in PA.

And we, as Americans, are all fucked in the long run as voting is an inalienable right..a right the GOP has been systemically been removing since 2008.

Because equal protection under the law apparently doesn’t matter anymore as that was the basis of the state’s argument in court:

“An equal protection challenge to a neutral, facially non-discriminatory election statute cannot be supported by claims that certain individuals will bear a special burden under the law,” said Cawley. “There will always be those people.”

And Judge Robert Simpson bought it..hook, line and friggin sinker. “Those people” are American Citizens who just got fucked out of one of their basic rights in PA. From The Nation writeup again:

Instead, Simpson relied on a controversial 2008 ruling by the Supreme Court in Crawford v. Marion County, which upheld Indiana’s voter ID law even though the state failed to provide any evidence of in-person voter fraud to justify the law. Pennsylvania, like Indiana, stipulated at the beginning of the voter ID trial that “there have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania; and the parties do not have direct personal knowledge of any such investigations or prosecutions in other states.” But in the Crawford case the Supreme Court found that the mere threat of voter fraud was enough to justify a voter ID law, which set a chilling precedent for voting rights advocates. (That “threat” is virtually non-existent. A major investigation from 2002-2007 by the Bush Justice Department failed to prosecute a single case of in-person voter impersonation. There were 39 times as many deaths by lightning from 2000-2007 as there were instances of voter impersonation.)

Since SCOTUS has ruled on cases like this before, the only relief left to the ACLU is to appeal to the PA State Supreme Court. A Court that is split 3-3. Good luck to them..they are gonna need it, because if the State Supreme Court splits along those lines..the law automatically stands.


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  11 Responses to “PA Judge Robert Simpson is an asshole..and a Republican.”

  1. The Goopers have spent over 30 years stacking the courts with loyal footsoldiers.

    The Democrats have spent those years with their thumbs up their butts.

  2. See what we get when judges run for office?

  3. trying out a new spambot.

  4. We have drivers’ licenses to protect our roads, why not voter I.D. to protect our voting process. The Rat Party has been using voter fraud even before the thugs of Chicago, the Daleys came on the scene. Why are you afraid of voter I.D. if you aren’t cheating? Huh? You are DUMBASSES!!!!!

    • Don’t bring your stupid ass around here again or I will ban your fucking IP. You are so ignorant it’s pathetic Rob. No one is afraid of it..because IT DOESN”T EXIST! There is NO voter fraud for chrissakes. Its a bullshit, made-up excuse by the GOP to throw the elections. Grow the fuck up and read a little before you open your piehole and call me a dumbass.

  5. You wouldn’t know justice or a good judge if you tripped over one! Why are liberals always ‘stuck-on-stupid? Boggles the mind!

    • You are the idiot. 85 year old people who don’t drive don’t have a need for drivers lic’s you dipshit. And people who live in major urban areas that use public transportation don’t have drivers licenses either.

      Are you that stupid or do you just act like it Rob?

  6. Bye Rob Manwiller! Thanks for bringing your dumbass back so I could ban you, you ignorant bag of batshit.

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